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​SAP/Business Objects
Empowering Users with Interactive Analysis for Business Insights
Today’s business environment is characterized by fierce competition and continual change.  You need to find a competitive advantage. But how?  Data analytics can provide the insight you need to guide decision making allowing you to gain confidence and agility in directing the company forward.  Delivering trusted, timely information to executives, managers, and individual contributors will positively impact decisions and allow you to alter business processes to produce an optimized business outcome.
SAP/Business Objects Increase Business Agility with the Right Information, When and Where Needed

Agile organizations require decision making and innovation at every level. The SAP/Business Objects BI platform offers you flexible ways of sharing information throughout the entire organization. Additionally, users need a holistic view of their business data no matter where the data resides or the format. SAP/Business Objects supplies users with a semantic layer that shields them from the complexity of the underlying data thus empowering users with self-service access to the business information they need. The platform facilitates connection to any data source and provides for native integration with existing transactional systems and existing business applications. A BI launch pad and BI workspace provide additional autonomy for business users.
Empowering Users  With Business Critical Information

The SAP/Business Objects BI platform is a flexible and scalable information infrastructure designed to help organizations discover and share insights for better business decisions.
  • Design — Use of graphical design tools to create rich semantic layer (universe)
  • Access — BI launch pad and workspace to provide access to BI content
  • Publish — Distribute personalized content to mass or targeted audiences
  • Deliver — Disseminate BI content with Java based portals or Microsoft SharePoint
  • Integrate — Extend content via access to applications with software development kits
Reports / Analysis / Dashboards
With SAP Business Objects, business users can access, format, and analyze information form a single user friendly interface. Context related menus and drag-and drop features improve usability and enhance productivity. Users can analyze and format reports by dragging and dropping report elements such as tables and charts. They can navigate information hierarchies to get deeper insight, and on-the-fly browsing of data providers and result validation provide a deeper understanding of the data behind reports and analysis.
Key features include:
  • Access to heterogeneous data sources — combine multiple data sources within a report
  • Online and offline reporting and analysis — ask questions, analyze data, and identify trends
  • Interactive and intuitive interface — utilize toolbar, menus, drag-and drop, and charting options
Cutting edge visualization functionality allows business users to view charts and graphs with the ability to zero in on specific areas of interest for more powerful analysis. Visualization benefits include:
  • Align business with trusted key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Drive adoption of BI and enhance the return on investment
  • Reduce development time and costs
  • Rapidly create custom, mobile data visualizations
  • Empower users to engage in granular analysis
SAP/ Business Objects BI Solutions
Our Business Intelligence professionals can assist you with every aspect of your BI  initiative ensuring your goals are met and the return on your investment is maximized. Collective Intelligence BI solutions will help you integrate data from across your organization and transform it  into information that delivers actionable insight. The result will be increased business agility and improved customer service.
​Strategy & Planning
  • Data Warehouse Proof of Concept
  • BI Readiness Assessment
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Project Planning
  • Solution Architecture
  • Security Architecture & Policies
Design & Implementation
  • Data Warehouse Design & Tuning
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Modeling
  • Information Delivery
  • Mentoring & Training
  • Performance Management​