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Business Intelligence Solutions
Drive Strategy, Monitor Performance, Make Decisions

The widespread use of information technology can generate tremendous amounts of data within an organization. This data contains information that is invaluable to the organization’s decision makers. Business Intelligence is the key to unlocking this wealth of information to positively impact the business. With Business Intelligence, executives, managers, and staff can pinpoint what drives their business activity and make decisions on trusted actionable data. The result is reduced cost, increased revenue, and improved customer satisfaction. 
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Our Philosophy
Contrary to popular belief, Business Intelligence isn’t about technology. Our experience has shown that tools are only one part of the total BI equation. A mature development process and proven methodology are major contributors to a successful Business Intelligence initiative. Additionally, training is an important component. Management and staff must be trained in the technology/tools of choice and be willing to adapt to new processes and techniques for viewing and utilizing business data. We offer services that span the complete BI implementation live-cycle including:
  • planning
  • requirements gathering
  • data warehouse design
  • data acquisition
  • data modeling
  • data reporting/analysis
  • management
  • training  
Additionally, we have a business partner relationship with the industry leading BI technology suppliers including: Microsoft, IBM/Cognos, and SAP/Business Objects. Our expertise and experience provide us with the skills and perspective that is critical to a successful Business Intelligence implementation.