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Customer Relationship Management increases sales productivity

In today’s global digitally connected economy, competition is incredibly fierce.  With access to an any time anywhere marketplace, customers now have unprecedented choices when getting information or purchasing products and services.  If customers become dissatisfied for any reason, alternatives are just a few clicks away.  Now , more than ever, you  must anticipate your customers needs and make the buying experience exceed their expectations.  CRM is the key to enhancing customer relationships by creating a customer driven enterprise.  By providing a 360-degree view of customers across sales, marketing, and customer service operations, CRM enables businesses to gain an advantage by leveraging the information routinely collected form customers.

Drive sales productivity through compressed sales cycles, improved close ratios, and cross selling opportunities.

Enable and empower your salesforce by streamlining and automating your sales processes. CRM improves the performance and efficiency of sales professionals by providing fast access to critical customer information.  Understanding the customer is facilitated by a centralized customizable view of buying preferences, relationships, and purchasing history.  Powerful workflow tools provide the ability to automate sales processes to insure quality and consistency in customer interactions.  Additionally, sales management is automatically informed of progress and potential stumbling blocks. 

Keep customers informed via targeted communications.

Wizard driven features and template driven design make it easy to create and send  messages to selected prospects and customers.  Prospect lists can be imported from other tools to fuel sales activities.  Producing proposals and quotes can be streamlined. Afterwards these objects can be automatically converted to orders and contracts which can then be tracked throughout their life-cycle.  You can create, manage, and distribute a searchable library of sales and marketing materials including brochures, white papers, and competitive information.  Product catalogs and price lists can be accessed and maintained with complex pricing levels, units of measure, discounts, and pricing options.  Sales professionals are always connected as information can be accessed and work completed from anywhere.  Robust functionality is delivered to mobile devices through a fast and flexible web client.

Deliver high impact marketing campaigns, and consistent communication and messaging CRM provides marketing professionals with powerful data cleansing and segmentation tools, leading campaign management features, and insightful marketing analytics. The result is increased effectiveness of marketing programs with improved tracking of key marketing metrics.  Understand the effectiveness of your marketing channels and fine tune your marketing mix  (print, audio, e-mail, web) to insure the highest return on investment.

By transforming information into marketing intelligence, you can introduce new products and services efficiently, and improve up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, as well as, allocate your marketing resources based on a clear understanding of customer preferences and buying trends.  Convert inquiries into leads with appropriate responses predefined and automated.  Additionally, transform successful campaigns into templates for future use.  

Significantly raise the bar for customer service and satisfaction 

Increase the efficiency  and effectiveness of your customer support resources by providing access to complete customer information, streamlined service processes, automated routing /escalation, communication tracking, and case management.  Additionally, you can identify common support issues and measure service performance  so you can continually improve your service processes.  By delivering outstanding service across all customer interaction channels including: phone, e-mail, instant messaging, and self-service web portals your customer satisfaction and loyalty will soar. CRM  Solutions

Regardless of the size of your business, Collective Intelligence is capable of providing comprehensive full project life-cycle  services and support.  We offer the following services:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Implementation planning
  • Data cleansing and migration
  • Application implementation
  • Application integration
  • Business process consulting
  • Process automation and workflow
  • Training