Agile Transformation

Scaling agile successfully is more about organizational change than just adopting a framework. While leading SAFe is important, it’s not sufficient for enterprise-wide agile success.

Agile Transformation

Scaling agile successfully is more about organizational change than just adopting a framework. While leading SAFe is important, it’s not sufficient for enterprise-wide agile success.

Our approach to scaling agile goes beyond the SAFe framework

We provide you with essential tools and techniques for a successful agile transformation or enhancing your existing program. Collective Intelligence has developed a SAFe consulting practice, where we bring proven strategies and patterns for navigating agile transformation within your enterprise. We can help you

Creating the Agile Transformation Roadmap

Embarking on an agile transformation journey requires a structured approach to ensure success and sustainability. Our three-step roadmap is designed to guide organizations through this process, from foundational learning to integration and execution. Each step builds upon the last, creating a comprehensive path towards achieving enterprise agility.

Step 1: Foundation Building

Step 2: Agile Integration

Step 3: Execution and Evolution

Assessments & Implementation Service

Our SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs) employ a top-down strategy to implement SAFe in large organizations, starting with aligning key executives, stakeholders, and architects. They evaluate your organization’s Agile and SAFe readiness, developing a tailored adoption strategy and transformation plan. This includes comprehensive training, coaching, and tool alignment with the SAFe framework. Our ongoing portfolio-level consulting ensures effective execution. For a rapid start, our SAFe QuickStart offers a 5-day intensive assessment by our SPCs, accelerating your journey to agile at scale.

SAFe Training: The Journey To Agile Excellence

With our suite of SAFe training programs, designed to cater to various roles within your organization. From executive leadership to team members, our courses offer tailored insights into the world of Agile and SAFe methodologies. Whether you’re looking to enhance your strategic planning, leadership skills, team dynamics, or product management, our comprehensive training sessions provide the knowledge and tools necessary for success. Discover the right course for your needs and join us in transforming your organization’s approach to agile practices.
SAFe Executive Agile Overview Training: By streamlining your infrastructure, our solutions accelerate application deployment and efficiency. An optimized cloud platform saves you time and frees your resources to focus elsewhere.
SAFe Program Portfolio Management: In this two-day course, participants learn to optimize business results through value-based organization, lean-agile program portfolio management, governance, and budgeting, including the use of the portfolio Kanban system for enhanced program value flow.
Leading SAFe – SAFe Agilist (SA): This course empowers executives, managers, and leaders to drive agile transformations by becoming SAFe Agilists. It emphasizes the critical role of leadership in adopting agile practices and thinking for large-scale software enterprise success.
SAFe for Teams: Extending beyond Scrum, this two-day course teaches lean thinking, roles, processes, and software engineering practices essential for scaling Scrum in an enterprise context, suitable for new or existing teams in an agile adoption program.
SAFe Product Manager/Product Owner Training: This workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to SAFe principles and a detailed exploration of the roles of Product Manager and Product Owner, culminating in an optional certification exam. It’s ideal for those responsible for delivering customer and market-focused product outcomes in a scaled agile organization.

Enterprise Coaching

Our skilled consultants are available to support your transformation journey, whether for a small project or an extended engagement, effectively integrating with your team. As your organization develops a solid base of lean thinkers and sets the agile release trains in motion, we can offer a range of additional services to supplement learning and further enhance your progress.

These activities include:

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