Elevating Client Infrastructure with Azure

As a Microsoft Azure partner, Collective Intelligence optimizes client infrastructure with cloud solutions, data integration, app modernization, and 24/7 management. Our expertise in healthcare, finance, education, and government informs tailored solutions, ensuring secure and compliant deployments aligned with your goals.

Do More With Less by Using Low-Code Tools to Adapt

create solutions that accelerate business

Accelerate innovation and reduce costs as you analyze data, automate processes, and build apps, websites, and virtual agents with Power Platform and Power BI.

Transform Your Infrastructure with Collective Intelligence

Our experienced consulting teams can provide the precise technical capabilities and services you require to future-proof your technology infrastructure. We’ll increase your productivity by helping you deploy a secure, compliant infrastructure designed to meet your goals and objectives.

Build a Strong Foundation

We build a robust cloud foundation by implementing core compute, storage, networks, identity, and security platforms to accelerate your cloud adoption.

Provide Hybrid Integration

We bridge your on-prem systems with Azure services using secure VPN connections, peering, and hybrid links. Our experts reduce your hybrid cloud complexity.

Migrate Workloads

Our Azure experts provide strategic advice for workload transitions to optimized Azure infrastructure, integrating seamlessly with your on-prem systems for simplified cross-environment management during the cloud migration.

Integrate Advanced AI and Analytics

By curating data pipelines and applying analytics, business intelligence, and machine learning models, we’ll transform your information into insights helping you unlock the value of your data.

Modernize Your Application Portfolio

We re-platform your critical apps on scalable, cloud-native architectures using low-code tools, Azure services, and DevOps optimized for resilience providing performance gains at a reduced TCO.

FinOps Optimization

Through proven FinOps methodologies and Azure cost management tools, we optimize cloud spending across environments. Our teams deliver efficiency.

24/7 Operations

Our teams actively monitor global Azure workloads around the clock, leveraging cloud automation to maintain uptime and system \ responsiveness.

We Enable You To Achieve More.

Our strategic guidance and execution accelerate cloud success by optimizing existing architecture, driving seamless changeovers, fortifying critical protections, and spurring data-led breakthroughs.
Increased Productivity: By streamlining your infrastructure, our solutions accelerate application deployment and efficiency. An optimized cloud platform saves you time and frees your resources to focus elsewhere.
A Seamless Hybrid Cloud Transition: We ease your path to the hybrid cloud based on proven frameworks forged through years of complex customer migrations. Our teams will help you overcome integration hurdles to bridge on-prem and cloud.
Bank-Grade Cloud Security: Leveraging Azure’s industry-leading security and compliance, we implement zero-trust models securing your data assets and compute environments. We provide the cloud security expertise your enterprise requires.
Advanced Insights Unlocked: We optimize your data pipelines enabling the use of advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning to uncover hidden optimization opportunities using your enterprise information assets. We liberate key insights from data that will transform your decision-making processes.
Trust – We’ll earn your trust: Leaders in Healthcare, Education, Financial Services, and Government have relied on us to navigate their cloud transformations.

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